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Nasty Sophia sucks and fucks stranger in the forest

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

When Sophia Bush finally got up from the pit where she fell after a very brief failed marriage, she thought that she has experienced the most devastating thing ever when it comes to relationships but she was terribly wrong. Just as when she started moving on from yet another break up, this time with a Google programmer, tragedy strikes. The said EX boyfriend passed away in an accident during an earthquake which struck Nepal in 2015. Yes, Bush ain’t too lucky finding her happy ending, for now at least. But to her, life must go on and this is exactly what she’s been doing – moving forward to positivity, making things better for herself. For those people close to her and know her well, they are aware of this quick fix Bush has discovered in helping herself cope. She only has to feed her sexual fantasies because she realized that she’d feel so much better after releasing all tensions through some hardcore fucking.

Wild Sophia Bush having a wild time fucking rough while naked in the forest

Probably the frustrations of not having a steady stream of sexy times in previous relationships that’s why she’s all-out slutty now when she meets any good-looking dude who’d gladly feel up her emptiness and her warm holes. Make no mistake about this chick though because her game ain’t your typical hobbies. Instead, she’d go around meeting strangers wherever and give them the best time while sucking and fucking their cock out in the open, not giving a single damn about who may catch them. From flashing her tits to giving head and eventually going naked and banging rough outdoors, I can fairly say this sleazy fuck knows her games and she plays them so fucking well, just as she said. No looking back now, right, Sophia?

Sophia Bush Goes For Some Kinky Anal Action

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Who would’ve thought that Sophia Bush would be one of those girls who likes it up the ass?  Although she’s sexy and amenable to getting naughty once in a while, Sophia always seemed like a straightforward kind of girl, even when it comes to sex.  Kinky fetishes are usually for raunchy blondes, and not smokin’ hot brunettes who’ve been to college.  But hey, who can argue with these images of Sophia getting ready to receive an anal reaming while she’s positioned doggystyle, and then getting that actual ass fuck in another pic, which reveals her taking that cock up her Hershey highway while lying on her back.  From her expression, she’s really enjoying it too, which I guess shows that Sophia is just as much of an A-type personality now as she was back in school.  If she wants hot anal sex, you can bet she’ll go out and get herself some hot anal sex!  An admirable trait, and part of why we’re all crazy about this honey.

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Sophia Bush Fuck Session Pics Leaked

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Just look at that guy sucking on Sophia Bush’s titties.  Now that’s one lucky dude, and he doesn’t even look as hot as Chad Michael Murray.  That means we’ve all got a chance to score with this California cutie, I mean unless this dude’s some sort of multi-millionaire who bought his way into her panties.  From his looks, I don’t think so though.  But yeah, if I had millions of bucks, I’d definitely offer some of that moolah up to anybody who could hook me up with Sophia, or even to Sophia herself, why not?  There’s no need to be so choosy on how you get your cock into that sweet, tight pussy, in my opinion.  I’d just like to do what this guy got to do, and fuck Sophia Bush all night long!  On the couch or on the bed, and even on the floor, with Sophia naked and spreading her legs, there’s no way any guy can not have an erection and be ready for some kinky carnal action with this sizzling, sexy babe.

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