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Sophia Bush’s pussy gets the oral treatment

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

As a sex symbol, Sophia Bush needs to keep up with her title by letting herself get caught in slutty situations like in these pictures I’m about to show you. Aside from getting her pussy occupied by a cum-popping cock, she also likes just laying back and getting the oral tornado by her fuck buddy. She knows how, sometimes, getting your cunt teased by a wriggly tongue can be a lot more heavenly and ecstatic than getting pounded by a massive cock. And it’s probably true, even from a guy’s standpoint: chicks moan louder and squirt faster when you’re toying with their pussies.

What’s even better with Sophia Bush is that, once you’ve spent your strength and cum with her cum-sapping eagerness (the one weakness us guys wish we didn’t have), you can just lie back and watch her lady friend continue pleasuring her by spreading her throbbing pussy and licking it deep and hardcore. You’re probably already spent too, from ogling at Sophia Bush’s dirty pussy licking pictures, but there’s more past the link if you want a second round later on.